Monday, January 21, 2013

A sneak peek...

Over a year ago I made a glib invitation to the Skein Group on Ravelry to join me in a challenge.
The challenge was to knit 12 items from Skein Yarn in 2012. Little did I know how it would take off! So many items were made and many knitters joined in during the year. In the end, 14 knitters completed the challenge. What a fabulous effort!

Kristen generously offered a skein of yarn to each random monthly winner, a $200 gift voucher to the randomly selected overall winner and I offered to create a pattern for those who finished.

Here is a picture of the Wanganella Cowl. It will be exclusive to the lovely knitters of the Skein 12 in 2012 Challenge for 3 months, and then available through Ravelry.

What do you think?

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