Thursday, November 7, 2013

A weekend of fun

Hi Folks!

I've been busy learning all I can about getting my blog looking good and knitting like a fiend on a project I can't tell you about!! How boring for you!!

Anyhoooo, I'll spill the beans on these soon. In the mean time I'm heading to Bathurst for a blogging meet up. I've never been to one before and all these girls know each other pretty well. I'm the new chum, but after jumping in on the email chatter I feel like I'll have a great time.

In the meantime I've been exploring some new music for the trip. Loving ALT-J. Great harmonies and the clip is filmed in the most amazing button shop.

Enjoy your weekend. I hope to have lots to tell you next week!


  1. It will be great to meet you Kylie.

  2. hey we catch up and we don't have our own choir to sing to us this time..........see you very'll love the girls they are great........

  3. I think your blog looks great so far! That course must be doing you well and/or you're just that talented :)

    1. Thanks Marianne! I'm perusing your site getting lots of ideas. It's fabulous!


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