Friday, December 6, 2013

Be Radiant in 2014

Does anyone else wait with baited breath for the announcement of the Pantone Colour of the Year? I do, and here is the colour for 2014...

I think I like it! Radiant Orchid (sounds much fancier than purple doesn't it?) isn't a major colour in my life. A splash here, a stripe there. I use it more as an accent than a stand out colour. Check out my Pinterest Radiant Orchid board to see more ways to work this fab colour into your life. 

Are you a purple person?



  1. I don't consider myself a purple person but I tend to buy purple things, so I think I must be!

    I really did think that 2014 was going to be the year of yellow, but then I'm not a colour trend forecaster. :)


  2. didn't even know they had a colour of the year until you pointed it out...................


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