Sunday, November 14, 2010


The first smile, the first tooth, the first step. All the milestones that are so eagerly awaited and set in a mother's memory.

As life speeds up the milestones blur and I find myself loosing track of all the little firsts in their lives.

This was Dancing Queen's first trip to the bakery.

 By herself. Without me.

I waited hidden in the hedge, so that she wouldn't see me, as I made sure she made it back safely.
So she wouldn't see me getting teary.

There will be many more milestones, but this one felt like it was a step away from me.

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  1. That must have been difficult for you. My Miss 11 wants to go down to the shop by herself but I'm still too worried for her but I need to let go too. These new milestones are much harder to deal with I think, when did they grow so quickly.:)

  2. How sweet!!!
    I bet she felt super grown up doing the big trek to the bakery all by her self..

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  3. So I have stalked Jodie, to find you....
    Missy Moo looks so grown up!!


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