Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dear Santa...

After 'Self-Santa' gave me an overlocker and oops, walked to Jellywares and bought some new gorgeous wool to play with AND THEN popped into Harvey Norman and thought 'dang it' and walked out with a new dishwasher to replace the dead one sitting ing the shed, I know what I'll be putting on my wish list.


The Enforcer was playing hairdressers. She cut the doll's hair. This is an automatic 'throw out' in my books.

She then decided to STRAIGHTEN the doll's hair. With my straightener. On her doll's plastic hair.

Dear Santa,
I've been very, very good and my children are still alive and bear no physical scars...
Can I upgrade to a GHD and can I also have a case of wine?
I may need it.

That feels better...blogging as therapy.

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  1. Goodluck. Only 6 more sleeps to find out. I can't remember what I wish for, I know there was lots a month ago, if only I could remember! Merry Christmas Kylie and Family.


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