Sunday, November 13, 2011


Life is full of acronyms. The one that I have been wrapped up in for the last few months is KAL or Knit Along.

A group agree to knit an item or a specific pattern, or anything really! Sometimes there is a deadline, sometimes not. I really enjoy the encouragement and fun that ensues when you join a KAL on with people from all over the world.

Most of the KALs I've joined have seen me using Skein Yarns, which are just lovely. We've made a few things...

I suggested a 'Brooklet' KAL...

 Took part in a Lacweight Cardigan KAL...(gold star for perseverence!)

I used a lovely Skein Yarn for the Rustling Leaves Beret KAL and Skein Gift KAL

and finished my 'Yarrowitch' for a shawl KAL. 

I love seeing what others make for the KALs and giving encouragement when they feel like frogging their creation. has becoming a little obsessive and in 2012 I'm going to try and reign it in a little.
One I will be doing and completing is this one...

7 pairs of socks in 2012 all made in beautiful Posh Yarn. Dee and Tony dye fabulous colours. I've already got a limey green, a vibrant melony orange, and a foresty green stashed and look forward to collecting more.

Choosing patterns to knit these seven socks is going to be a delight! There are so many wonderful designs and I'd really like to challenge myself to learning some new techniques. Do you think you might join us?

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  1. Skein yarns are divine....your projects are gorgeous Kylie.


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