Saturday, November 5, 2011

Take me back

Last post I let you know about an online magazine I think is a treat. As I was looking through its pages doing a little window shopping I came across something that in an instant took me back to a specific moment in my childhood.

I was four. It was a day at preschool and I was playing with these.
I hadn't thought of these things, Playplax apparently, since I was a child. I remember holding them up to the light and looking through them. The ones at preschool were scratched and worn. These ones would be shiny and new. They would look great with the summer light shining through them.

My kids don't need them. They wouldn't appreciate them the way I would. Maybe Santa should bring them to me. To remind me of swings and sunshine and Mrs Perry.

Slip over to to have a look for yourself.

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  1. Do it - buy yourself some for Xmas from Santa!!! You won't regret it... :)



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